Move tabs

The default location of the tabs is set by the theme

Tabs work with product description content, so when they're enabled in a theme they show where the theme displays the product description.

Most themes have settings for moving the product description and we recommend you try using those settings first.

Using theme settings

To move the tabs using theme settings:

  1. Ask your theme developer how to change the location of the product description.

Using the app

To move the tabs using the app:

  1. Determine the CSS selector  for the theme's HTML element  that you want to move the tabs to.

    For example, if the element is

    <div id="product-bottom"></div>

    then the CSS selector would be #product-bottom.

    Our support team can not give you the CSS selector

    The CSS selector is specific to your theme. If you're not sure which selector to use, ask your theme developer.

  2. From the main menu in the app, click Settings.

  3. Click General.

  4. From the Move the tabs to a new element panel, type the CSS selector for the element you want to move the tabs to into the Element selector setting.

    The 'Move the tabs to a new element' panel
  5. Use the Show the tabs setting to select whether the tabs show Above the element content or Below the element content.

  6. Click Save.