Get started with Tabs

With our Tabs app, you can easily add beautiful, responsive tabs to your product pages. Product description tabs help improve conversions as they allow you to provide your customers with more information while at the same time letting them get to that information faster and with less scrolling. The additional content is also great for search engine optimization.

Install the Tabs app

To install the Tabs app:

  1. Visit the Tabs by Station page in the Shopify App Store.
  2. Click the Add app button.
Add app
An example of the 'Add app' button in the Shopify App Store

Access the Tabs app

To access the Tabs app any time after it has been installed:

  1. Click Apps from your Shopify admin menu.
  2. Click Tabs by Station from the list of installed apps.

Enable tabs in a theme

Tabs must be enabled in a theme before any tabs will be displayed on the product pages. After installing the app you'll be directed to the Dashboard and presented with a Getting Started panel where you can choose to enable Tabs in your main theme or in an unpublished theme.

To enable Tabs in your main theme click the Enable tabs in current theme button.

To choose which themes use tabs click the Choose a different theme link. Enabling Tabs in an unpublished theme is helpful for testing or creating your tabs without affecting your live shop.

The Getting Started panel allows you to enable tabs in your main theme
            with a single click
The Getting Started panel allows you to enable tabs in your main theme with a single click

The Getting Started panel will be shown when you first install the app and whenever Tabs is not enabled in any of your themes.

Learn the app sections

The main sections in the Tabs app are:

Where you can get an overview of the app and quickly access frequently used sections.

Specific tabs
Where you can control how tabs for specific products are created.

Shared tabs
Where you can view, create and edit tabs that are shared by multiple products.

Where you can enable or disable tabs in any of your installed themes.

Where you can customize the appearance of your tabs.

Where you can adjust the functionality of your tabs.