Add an app to a tab

Nearly any app can be shown in a tab and with built-in integrations for many popular apps you can easily add rich content—such as reviews or sizing charts—to a tab with a single click. No code editing required.

Note that Tabs does not have the ability to install other apps into your shop. To use any kind of third-party app, whether it's through a built-in integration or you've pasted the code in manually, you will need to install the other app separately from the Shopify App Store.

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Add an app using a built-in integration

To add an app using a built-in integration:

  1. Click Shared tabs from the main menu in the app.
  2. Click the Create tab button to create a new tab or click on an existing tab to edit it.
  3. Type the tab title into the Title area.
  4. Set the tab Type to App integration.
  5. Locate the app you want to use from the list of built-in app integrations.
  6. Click the Off button for the app to turn it On.
  7. Click the Save button to save the tab.
Simply click the switch to enable the integration you want to use

Tabs currently has built-in integrations for the following apps:

Add an app manually

If the app you want to use does not have a built-in integration:

  1. Copy the code for the app you want to use. The app code can most likely be found in the documentation for the app but if it's not there you can contact the app developer to have them send it to you.
  2. Paste the code into the Use any app area.
  3. Click the Save button to save the tab.
For apps that don't have a built-in integration paste the app code into the 'Use any app' area
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