Shared tab limitations

The number of shared tabs that can be enabled is determined by the plan limits. The number of shared tabs that can be created is determined by Shopify's file size limit.

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Plan limits

All plans include unlimited specific tabs but certain plans may have a shared tabs limit.

A shared tabs limit determines the number of shared tabs that can be enabled at any one time. Additional shared tabs can be created and edited in the app but they will be disabled and not visible in the shop.

To enable additional shared tabs, click the  Plans page from the footer menu in the app and choose a plan with a higher shared tabs limit.

The shared tabs list on the Shared tabs page indicates any tabs that are disabled due to exceeding a plan limit. To see a disabled tab in the shop simply click on it in the shared tabs list and drag it up within the limits at the top of the list.

If a plan has a shared tabs limit then the disabled tabs will be clearly indicated on the shared tabs page

In the example image above from the Shared tabs page, the shop is on the Free plan which has a limit of 1 shared tab. The shared tabs list shows the first tab, Tab one, as enabled and the tabs that exceed the plan limit, Tab two and Tab three, as disabled.

The disabled tabs can still be edited, they just won't appear in the shop until the plan is upgraded.

Shopify's file size limit

Certain plans may not place any limit on the number of shared tabs that can be created. For those plans, the only limit that remains is Shopify's file size limit.

In order to ensure that tabs are rendered on to the page as quickly as possible, all shared tab data is stored in a theme snippet file called station-tabs-data.liquid. The alternative would be loading the data from a database each time a product page is rendered but that could take anywhere from one to three seconds or possibly even longer.

Shopify limits the amount of data that can be stored in a snippet file to 256 KB. If the amount of data attempting to be written to the file exceeds that then the save will fail and an error will be displayed.

An example of an error that's shown by Shopify when a snippet file exceeds their 256 KB limit

In practical terms, the limit allows for a maximum of somewhere between 200 and 800 shared tabs to created, depending on the amount of data in each tab.

If shared tabs are used as intended and only applied to groups of products instead of individual products then it's highly unlikely the limit will ever be reached. Tabs for individual products should be created as specific tabs instead.

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